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Replace Europe’s Growth and Stability Pact with Market Discipline and Democracy

Monday, October 30th, 2006

As part of the euro’s introduction, European governments agreed to constrain their budget policies through the Growth and Stability Pact. Though euphemistically termed the “growth and stability” pact, it in fact delivers neither. Moreover, owing to the constraints the pact places on national economic sovereignty, it risks contributing to political strains that threaten to undermine support for the euro. For these reasons, it is time to abandon the pact. In its place, Europe should let democracy and financial markets arbitrate the long-term viability of government fiscal policies. (more…)

Globalization and IT: Setting the Record Straight

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Over the last three years there has been an explosion of public concern about the wage and employment impacts of global outsourcing. As a result, worries about globalization have begun to move up the income ladder, infecting white-collar middle-class workers. For instance, a poll conducted in May 2004 for the Associated Press reported that sixty-nine percent of Americans believe outsourcing hurts the economy. Recognizing the potential threat this shift of public opinion poses to corporate globalization, business groups have been busy playing a game of catch-up seeking to allay these new more broadly shared public fears. (more…)