Unpublished working papers


“The Fallacy of the Revised Bretton Woods Hypothesis: Why Today’s System is Unsustainable and Suggestions for a Replacement” - March 2006

“The Economics of Outsourcing: How Should Policy Respond?” - March 2006

“Thinking Outside the Box About Trade, Development, and Poverty” - January 2006

“China, the Global Economy, and the Contradictions of Export-led Growth”

“Why Inflation Targeting is not Enough: Monetary Policy in the Presence of Financial Exuberance, September 2002.”

“The China Currency Problem: A Reply to Albert Keidel, June 2005.”


“Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy: Competing Theoretical Frameworks” February 2007.

“The Economics of Inflation Targeting: Negatively Sloped, Vertical, and Backward-Bending Phillips Curves,” revised October 2006.

“Inflation and Inside Debt: Tobin’s Neo-Keynesian Model,” revised February 2007.

“Keynesian Models of Deflation and Depression Revisited: Inside Debt and Price Flexibility,” revised February 2007.

“Relative Permanent Income and Consumption: A Synthesis of Keynes, Duesenberry, Friedman, and Modigliani and Brumbergh, July 2005.”